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with industry professionals

We run at least six workshops a year, often more, inviting a wide range of fantastic guest professionals along to engage and enlighten us in topics including…

• The nuts and bolts of scriptwriting

• Writing for specific genres

• Writing for different media

• Adapting others' stories for stage or screen

• Presenting your work and getting commissioned

• Working as a script editor or a staff writer

Workshops are usually held on Saturdays at a central location in Leeds from 11am to 4pm, and they’re absolutely free for members.


Writing a theatre play with Tom Wells

Saturday 12th November

11am to 4pm in the City Room @ Leeds Playhouse

The National Theatre. The Royal Court. Birmingham Rep. The West Yorkshire Playhouse. Hull Truck. Paines Plough. Any aspiring playwright would give their non-dominant arm to work with those names, right?


So when award-winning writer Tom Wells, who has worked with all of them and more, says he'll be giving you a series of writing exercises to help you build a plan for a full-length play, you really don't want to sleep on it. Set your alarm.


Eventbrite booking opens two weeks prior to the workshop via SYchat.

Screenwriter and director Dave Gilbank



  • Numbers are limited to 18 writers per workshop.

  • To attend, you must be a current paid-up member of Script Yorkshire.

  • Tickets are bookable via a private Eventbrite event, and we post the booking link in SYchat on the Saturday two weeks before the workshop date.​


  • If the workshop is full, you can add yourself to the waiting list and you'll get an email if someone drops out.

  • If you book a ticket and discover you can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket as soon as you possibly can via Eventbrite so another writer will have the chance to come along.





It’s very important that our workshops are events at which people feel safe and included and can share their work without prejudice, regardless of their age, race or gender.


We ask that our members always show respect to each other in a mutually constructive and supportive way.



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What our members say about our workshops... and a few pics taken in various workshops.

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26 January: Reconnecting With Our Creativity with Script Yorkshire's workshop team

26 March: Writing Film Scripts with Julian Woodford

23 April: How To Put On Your Own Play with Dick Bonham


11 & 18 January: How to Catch Ideas with James Moran

15 & 22 February: Shoot Your Script with a Smartphone with Wayne Sables

22 April: Unlock Your Creativity with Emma Adams

22 May: Sitcom writing with Bennett Arron

15 July: The First Ten Pages with Tom Needham


8 February: Has it Got Legs? with Ola Animashawun

29 February: Writing for Video Games with Steve Ince

14 July: Writing for Radio Part 1 with Oliver Emanuel

18 August: Writing for Radio Part 2 with Oliver Emanuel

8 September: Writing for Radio Part 3 with Oliver Emanuel

7 November: How to Start a Podcast with Pods Up North


26 January: Getting Started with Lisa Holdsworth and Alison Hume

23 February: Bums on Seats with Lisa Holdsworth

6 April: Redrafting with Amanda Whittington

1 June: Scripts Under Scrutiny with Tom Needham

21 September: The Script Process with Tom Needham

12 October: Corporate Storytelling with Jon Salthouse

2 November: Q&A - Alison Hume, Gaby Chiappe, Amy Leach, Sharon Oakes, Jon Salthouse & Dick Bonham


27 January: Creative Kickstart with Ola Animashawun

10 February: Horror Writing Workshop with James Moran

17 February: Scriptwriting Essentials 1 with Lisa Holdsworth and Alison Hume

17 March: Scriptwriting Essentials 2 with Lisa Holdsworth and Alison Hume

28 April: Thriller Writing with David Allinson

26 May: Plays That Kick Ass with Ola Animashawun

16 June: How to Write for Radio Drama Q&A – Chris Reason, Gary Brown, Kamal Kaan, Everal Walsh

15 September: Using Historical Research in Story-driven Drama with Ciaran Bermingham

3 November: Writing Radio-ready Drama with Stefan Escreet


18 March: Writing for Film with Jimmy Richards

27 May: Script Editing Workshop with Alison Hume

8 July: Adaptation Workshop with Martin Jameson

23 September: Writing for TV with Ian Kershaw and Debbie Oates

11 November: Writing Comedy Workshop with Toby Hadoke


16 January: Creative Workout with Emma Adams

13 February: Producing New Writing with John Tomlinson

7 May: Writing for Radio Drama with Chris Reason

16 July: How to Get Ideas from Absolutely Anywhere with Dan Bye

10 September: Ways to Use Autobiographical Material in Creating Drama with Matt Miller

5 November: Creating Drama from Original Sources with Vanessa Rosenthal

26 November: AGM/Writing and Producing TV Q&A/Christmas social