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The Script Yorkshire radio drama competition 2020

Scriptwriters of Yorkshire! Please put your hands together for this year's radio drama competition winners...

  • Erin Revell: Spare
  • Paul Joe Osborne: We Were the Singers
  • Jacqueline Saville: Playing with my Heart 
  • Tom Jordan: Yellow Vision

A hearty well done, you four! Recording of your pieces may be delayed because of Covid restrictions, but we'll get them made as soon as poss, we promise.

Our BBC producer judge Gaynor Macfarlane said of this year's entries:

"It's been a pleasure to read the short audio dramas for you... I have selected my top four for freshness of writing and idea, and for visual impact. I like it when a script surprises me, and also when I 'see' it.

Your chance to have a short radio play produced and broadcast

This year, we've linked up with Chapel FM to bring you another fun radio drama competition. Three winning scripts will be produced in January 2021 by Peter Spafford and Tony Macaluso at Chapel FM using professional actors.

All three plays will then be broadcast on Chapel FM as part of their Writing On Air festival, alongside the winning entries from our 2019 radio competition.

Introducing our professional judge

We're thrilled to have brilliant BBC radio producer Gaynor Macfarlane on board for this year's competition. After the submission deadline, we'll draw up a shortlist of nine plays to send her, from which she'll select the three she thinks make best use of the radio medium.

Gaynor has been producing radio drama for the BBC for about 20 years, so we couldn't have wished for a better script selector! She's also worked as a theatre director, literary manager, translator and dramaturg, and has recently made her first forays into film directing.


  • Write a 5-minute radio play
  • Use up to 3 characters
  • The theme is 'vision'
  • Submit your entry to: [email protected]
  • Deadline: 15th September 2020

NB: You must be a paid-up member of Script Yorkshire to enter.

Listen to our 2019 winners

Bangers and Mash and Infidelity

by Jacob Welby

A decidedly different dinner-table debate!


by Kat Rose-Martin

Painting the town a darker shade of red...

Cut Up

by Pete Goodland

A boy's life changes after a flash of steel.


by Jackie Daly

A viewing leads to a blast from the past.

Mistaken Identity

by Richard Kay

A reimagining of a remarkable true story.

Red in Tooth and Claw

by Sarah Carratt

Doorstep sales in a dog-eat-dog world.

Use of ’52-Bar Bossa’ under Creative Commons Public license courtesy of R1772 and

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