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We hold our Page to Stage events twice a year – with five 15-minute pieces presented in a studio theatre space in front of a paying audience.

Members can submit a standalone piece or an excerpt from a longer script and, if selected, your work will be rehearsed by professional actors and performed script in hand.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out how well your script is working – both from the instant audience reaction and constructive critique from our guest panel of insightful professional writers (we invite different panellists to each event).

Everyone who submits a script for the event receives written feedback from our co-chair Jonathan Hall, regardless of whether their piece is selected for the event.

Our next P2S event

On hold during pandemic

Seven Arts, 31a Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS7 3PD at 7.30pm

Sadly, due to the ongoing coronavirus saga, we've decided it's safest to park Page to Stage until at least May 2021.
While we did consider filming the pieces we'd already selected so we could present them online, we felt it would defeat the purpose of Page to Stage, which is to allow writers to experience the immediacy of the audience feedback.
We're aiming to be back in spring 2021 and we're hoping, as always, that our esteemed host Michael Stewart will be free to lead proceedings.
Tickets not on sale yet




Always incisive feedback for writers from top-of-their-game professionals

Writer Mike Stewart is our host


Novelist, playwright,

TV writer and our trusty Page to Stage host

Writer and producer Lisa Holdsworth


Writer & producer (Ackley Bridge, All Creatures, Slung Low Shorts)

Award-winning writer Chris Reason


Award-winning television and radio writer

(EastEnders, The Citadel)

Film and TV writer Gaby Chiappe


Film and TV writer (Their Finest, Shetland, Vera, The Level, Misbehaviour)

Award-winning writer Mark Catley


3 x RTS, 2 x BAFTA & 1 x NTA Award-winning writer and producer

Writer and filmmaker Anna Zaluczkowska


Award-winning writer & filmmaker; head of screenwriting at LBU

The actors perform the pieces

Our co-chair Jonathan Hall puts out a call for scripts via SYchat. After the deadline, he gets together with actor-director Emma Leah Golding to read all the submissions and select the pieces.

Then Emma casts and rehearses the selected pieces and the actors present them script in hand.

When you're writing your scripts, please bear in mind that we only ever have three actors. While they're amazingly versatile, they can't play a cast of thousands!

The panel members discuss the plays

The feedback panel deliberates

...then give invaluable feedback

Our York group offers regular performance events too. Check them out!

Too shy to submit? Come to our workshops first to gain confidence.

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