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Script Yorkshire is the region’s only support and advocacy organisation for script writers across performance and broadcast media. Run democratically by writers for writers, we put the needs of members at the very core of our activity, developing both our practice and our industry connections. We’ve been going for 24 years, initially as Yorkshire Playwrights. After a period of grant-aid and staff, we’ve now been volunteer-run for several years again – leaner and meaner, as befits the times. We’re still campaigning for new writing for radio, tv, film and theatre by writers from and in Yorkshire and Humberside. Through branches and centrally we run several script nights a year across the region; have talks from leading writers ; have our own members-only email chat group; and send out a monthly newsletter of opportunities and reports, as well as running this website.

What are our aims?

Script Yorkshire aims to empower Yorkshire’s writers for performance and broadcast media by giving them the skills and insights they need to develop their own careers.

What do we do?

Script Yorkshire offers a wealth of professional development and networking opportunities for anyone (in or from Yorkshire) who is seeking to develop their craft skills and their scriptwriting career. We support and promote the personal, professional and artistic development of scriptwriters in all media by:

  • Developing craft skills by talks, lectures, workshops and showcases,
  • Disseminating information via our newsletter, e-bulletin,
  • online discussion group and website,
  • Creating links between writers, directors, actors and producing organisations,
  • Hosting special events and projects.

Who are our members?

Established writers with an international reputation

  • Experienced TV soap hands
  • Award-winning radio playwrights
  • Successful community playwrights
  • Theatre in Education specialists
  • Stage playwrights
  • Performance poets…
  • …and lots of other people with a serious interest in writing for performance and broadcast media including a swelling number of emergent writers, not yet commissioned, who are keen to make their mark.

Here are our articles of association.  And here is one, and then another, special resolution affecting our articles of association.

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